what is holistic health?

whenever we think of health only one aspect comes in our mind that is physical health but when we include mental health, spiritual health, emotional health, and social health. Combining these five aspects make a holistic approach towards good health.

Five aspects of holistic health

Physical health

Mental health

Spiritual health

Emotional health

Social health

Physical health – Good or bad physical health can be determined by the appearance of a body and body organ like the brain, lungs, heart, kidney, etc.

what could be done to achieve good physical health.

Do exercise daily – Try to involve your every body part in the exercise. You should be consistent in doing exercise daily. if you are not consistent then you will not going to get the desired result.

Intake – quality of food, water, air intake are probably the biggest factor affecting our physical health. our body is made of these components. Try to include sessional vegetables, fruits, and nuts in your diet as they provide essential nutrition to your body.

sleep – Try to sleep at least 6-8 hours daily. improper sleep impact your health in a bad way.

Posture – Never to be in the same position for a long duration. It may cause to your bone, muscles, and joints.

Body mass indexing – It is a chart that tells us what should be your weight according to your height. we must watch closely that your body is neither underweight nor overweight.

Mental health – physical health is easily visible for everyone but in the case of mental health, it is not the same. if someone is not happy, feeling depressed, getting anxiety attacks, don’t want to be social with people, not consuming food is a sign of bad mental health.

what could be done to achieve good mental health.

consult to psychiatrist – whenever you see the above symptoms, please consult the doctor, who can properly guide you to overcome bad mental health. In India, if we consult a psychiatrist people take this in a very wrong way and start avoiding that person. you should not care about other people and what they think about you unless you are wrong and you should not hesitate to consult a good psychiatrist

Do not take stress – start indulging yourself in some productive work or you can try any sport that you like to play. Do the activity which you like the most. This thing will help you to release stress hormones.

Talk to your parents and friends – whatever is going in your mind that is affecting your mental health you can talk to your loved ones. They can also share some experiences that may be helpful to you and you will get more clarity to your thoughts.

Spend time in nature – Try to visit mountains at this point in your life. Fresh air will give you clarity and stability to your thoughts.

Spiritual health – spiritual health is misunderstood by many people. it is not related to only religion but also related to personal beliefs, values, morals, and ethics. It is not a compulsion that you should be a religious person to achieve spiritual health but you must have some personal beliefs and values to achieve spiritual health. Your personal beliefs and values should not hurt others sentiments.

what could be done to achieve good spiritual health.

intentionally evaluate your identity – before coming to any strong beliefs you should know who you are? what is your purpose in life? what you want to achieve? these are some questions that you have to work on to get clarity of thoughts about your identity.

choose friends wisely – do not fall into negative people who do not have beliefs and values. your surroundings influence you the most if you fail to choose the correct surrounding for you then you can not achieve good spiritual health.

Make sure your actions reflect your beliefs – You have beliefs and values and that is not reflecting in your action in this case you’re telling lie to yourself and taking a wrong approach toward good spiritual health. Try to implement your beliefs and values in your action in this way, you can have good spiritual health.

Emotional health – A person’s ability to identify, process, and act upon feelings in specific circumstances and over time. Emotional health incorporates emotional intelligence and emotional resilience. let’s try to understand both the aspects one by one. Emotional intelligence is the awareness of one’s emotional state and those of others, especially in response to external stimuli. Emotional resilience is one’s ability to adjust to circumstances and recover from emotional setbacks.

what could be done to achieve good emotional health.

psychology – this is your ability to create and live into a vision of the person that you wish to be.

relationships – If your relationship is sour with the people we spend the most time with your emotional health will suffer significantly. so create an environment around you that is most conducive to emotional intelligence and emotional resilience. it means releasing who you think you should be and embracing who you are.

Nutrition – if our brain and nervous system are not operating at proper capacity, we are not going to feel well. so have a good diet.

sleep – It is the time when our bodies detoxify and shed waste. sacrificing sleep will cause bad emotional health. take a good sleep 6-8 hours daily.

Exercise – Doing exercise daily helps blood to flow to every part of the body and the brain is an important part of your body. good circulation in the brain helps the brain to function well.

Social health – human beings are social creatures, we develop a connection with the people whom we don’t know. nowadays the medium of interacting with people has been changed. social media became the meeting point for all the people. social health means how you interact with people and how you spend your social life.

what could be done to achieve good social health

Minimize the time you spend on social media – do not spend more time on social media channels it may disconnect you from the physical world. it may also decrease the productivity level.

make one-to-one meetings with people – people nowadays use social media to make friends, that is not wrong but it should be done to a certain level. you should do one to one meet with others so you can understand each other more before taking your friendship further.

Do not set boundaries with the people – when you go to a function do not wait for others to talk to you, try to make conversation with others, it will also boost your confidence level and make strong social connection.

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